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Sat. Feb 1st 2020
January 2020 Run Report is now available.
Wed. Jan 1st 2020
Moon Run Fire Company provides free smoke detector inspections, and replacements to the residents of Robinson Township. To schedule and appointment please visit or smoke detector install page.

The Moon Run Volunteer Fire company runs largely off of the generous donations from the businesses and residents of Robinson township whom 

we are proud to protect serve.

Your Donations help to ensure we are fully equipped and trained to protect The residents and businesses of Robinson Township.

Thank you for you Generosity.  All donations are accepted via PayPal.  If you prefer to donate by another means please contact 

Raymond Bennett at 412-677-6363 or


**If you are using our online donation form for the 2020 fund drive, please note the

 reference number of the mailing in the reason for donation field**

**If you are donating on line, we strongly encourage you to fill out the planning form on our website, so we have up to date contact information in case of an emergency**


Donate to us by pressing the "Donate" button below.

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